Visiting Assistant Professor/Consortium for Faculty Diversity (CFD) Fellow

Amherst College, Department of Anthropology

  • Anthropology of the African Diaspora (Fall 2017, 2018)
  • Activism and Research: Issues and Methods (Spring 2018)
  • Race, Culture, and Reproductive Health (Spring 2018, Fall 2018)
  • On Display: Race and Reproduction in Film and Media (Spring 2019)

“Professor Cole was so amazing in terms of her leadership, compassion and vulnerability. She transformed the space of our classroom to one wherein I felt I could share personal anecdotes, where I could expand my horizons, where I was always free to participate and challenge thoughts, and where I learned and enjoyed myself…”

“Professor Cole is probably the most responsive, receptive, human and accessible professor I have ever had. I was constantly in awe of her ability to teach to so many different levels within the class at the same time. She is extremely constructive and really encourages thinking together rather than needing to come to class with “perfect” thoughts or everything all figured out. She creates in impressively open and comfortable classroom in which people can think through things. She makes herself accessible both within and outside of the classroom.”


Texas State University, Department of Anthropology

  • Peoples and Cultures of African Diaspora (Spring 2017)

“She’s dope and awesome and encourages us to formulate our own conclusions to new knowledge as well as be open to others’ mindsets…”

“She’s amazing. She loves the material and makes it fun…is very open to the thoughts of students which helps to foster a safe and interesting teaching environment…”

 Teaching Assistant

The University of Texas, Department of Anthropology

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Fall 2012)

“She explained everything clearly and really cared about her students…”

“…has a unique talent for analyzing in-class topics and making them easy to understand…”

“She was fun and kind and made the atmosphere fun and light…”