Writing and Presentations

Publications and Works in Progress

Ongoing Cole, Haile. Belly: Topographies of Black Reproduction. (Book project in progress)

Ongoing Cole, Haile, Shana Calixte, Luciane Rocha, (eds). Mothering and Motherwork in the Times of Black Lives Matter. Demeter Press. (Under contract)

2023 Cole, Haile. “Worth a Thousand Words: Visualizing Black Motherhood and Health” in Black Matrilineage, Photography, and Representation: Another Way of Knowing. Eds Lesley Canossi and Zoraida Lopez-Daigo. Cornell University Press. (Forthcoming)

2022 Cole, Haile. “Blood and Water: Black Motherhood, Friendship, Love, Survival, and the Meaning of Showing-Up” in Black Sisterhoods: Black Womyn’s Representations of Sisterhood across the Diaspora. Ed. Dannielle Joy Davis, Denise Davis-Maye, Tamara Bertrand Jones, and Jill Andrew, MA. Demeter Press (Forthcoming)

2021 Cole, Haile. “Breath In. Exhale. Repeat: A Reflection on Love, Caretaking, and COVID” in Mothers, Mothering, and the COVID-19 Pandemic. Demeter Press.

2019 Cole, Haile Eshe. “The Repast: Self and Collective Love in the Face of Black Death.” Women, Gender, and Families of Color 7, no. 2 (2019): 202-223.

2018 Cole, Haile. “Reproduction on Display. Black Maternal Mortality and the Newest Case for National Action.” Journal of the Motherhood Initiative for Research & Community Involvement 9, no. 2 (2018).

2015 Cole, Haile.  “A Love Letter for my Daughter:  Love as a Political Act.”  in Birthing Justice: Black Women, Pregnancy and Childbirth an Anthology. Ed. Julia C. Oparah, and Alicia D. Bonaparte. Routledge. 2016.


2018     Cole, Haile. “The National Perinatal Taskforce. Building a Movement.” Report written for the National Perinatal Taskforce. March 2018.

2017     Graziani, Cate, Liat Ben-Moshe and Haile Eshe Cole. “Beyond Alternatives to Incarceration and Confinement.” Austin, TX. Report for Grassroots Leadership. April 2017.

2016     Walker’s Legacy.  “Black Women Entrepreneurs: Past and Present Conditions of Black Women Owned Business.” Report for the National Women’s Business Council. Washington, DC. 2016.

2016      Graziani Cate and Haile Eshe Cole. “(In)Correct Care: A Prison Profiteer Turns Care into Confinement.” Austin, TX. Report for Grassroots Leadership. 2016.


2023 We Outside: A Photo Essay. Photo essay published with The Lighthouse Black Girl Projects.

2022 Home and the Legacies of Southern Tea Cakes. Photo essay published with The Lighthouse Black Girl Projects.

2021 Black Joy Through Food: Around the Dinner Table. Photo essay published in Sweet July Magazine.

2021 Tell a Black Girl’s Covid Story. Photo essay published with The Lighthouse Black Girl Projects.

2020 Context 2020 Juried Exhibition. Filter Photo. Chicago, IL. (Juror: Eve Schillo, Assistant Curator Wallis Annenberg Photography Dept., Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

2019     Cole, Haile. “(Re)Discovering My Heart or Brief Poetic Musings on Harlem.” Feminessay.com.   


2019       “Showing Up: A Black Feminist Ethic of Radical Care and Love.” Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement Conference (MIRCI). York University. Toronto, Canada. April 12-14.

2018      “The Life and Death of Black Motherhood.” Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement Conference (MIRCI). Syracuse University. Florence, Italy. May 2-4.

2016      The Bio-politics of Gendered ‘Blackness’:  Transnational Perspectives on Women, Race, and Health. American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting. November 16-20.

2014      “Dying to Live:  Maternal and Infant Health Disparities for Black Women.” Workshop presented at the Black Women’s Health Conference.  Tulane University. New Orleans, LA. June 13-14

2014       “Sankofa, History, Memory: (Re)Conceptualizing   Black Women’s Maternal Health Disparities.” Paper presented at (Re)Membering the Body:   21st Annual Conference on Emerging Scholarship in Women’s and Gender Studies. The University of Texas. Austin, TX. March 20-21.

2013      “(Re)Building Community and (Re)Creating Alternatives:  Black Women and Mass Incarceration. Rethinking Prisons Conference. Vanderbilt University. Nashville, Tennessee. May 3-5.

2012      “Examining Community Based Alternatives as a Response to the Women’s Growing Incarceration.” Paper presented at the Rethinking Power & Resistance: Gender & Human Rights from Texas to the Transnational Americas Conference. University of Texas. Austin, TX. October 5-6.

2012        “Revolutionary Motherhood: Reflections on the Transformative Potentialities of Motherhood.” Paper presented at the Southeastern Women Studies Association Conference. George Mason University. Fairfax, VA. March 29-31.

2012       “Mamas of Color Rising Birth Companion Research Project.” Report presented at the Abriendo Brecha Activist Conference. University of Texas. Austin, TX. February 16-17.

2011        “Anthropology and Prison:  Ethnography in States of Confinement.”  Paper presented at the New Directions in Anthropology Conference. University of Texas. Austin, TX. April 29-30.

2011       “Black Motherhood: Maternity in the Texas Prison System.” Paper presented at the Critical Ethnic Studies and the Future of Genocide Conference. University of California. Riverside, CA. March 10-12.

2011       “The Policing of Motherhood.”  Workshop presented at the Abriendo Brecha Activist Conference. University of Texas. Austin, TX. February 17-19.


2016        Invited Speaker. “State of Black Women’s Entrepreneurship.” Fireside chat with Carla Harris, Chair of the National Women’s Business Council. NWBC Public Meeting. Atlanta, GA. August 2.

2016         Invited   Panelist.   “Minority   Report:   The   Criminalization   of   Marginalized Populations” LBJ School of Public Affairs. Austin, TX. Feb. 23.

2014        Invited Speaker. National Council of Negro Women, Austin Chapter-Women and Girls of Color Conference. Austin, TX. November 1.

2013        Panelist. “Communications for Action with High Risk Populations.” Children’s Optimal Health Birth Outcomes Summit. Austin, TX. November 12.

2011      “Delivering Justice through Birthing Rights:  Mamas of Color Bring it Home.” Workshop presented at the Allied Media Conference. Detroit, Michigan. June 23- 26.