Media and art have long impacted the way in which folks see and perceive the world. In fact, art and media serve as important tools to hold a mirror to the social realities on the one hand and allow us to creatively imagine radical alternatives on the other. Much of social inequality is based upon articulations of (in)humanity—who deserves to exist. If the ideological foundations of inequality insist that certain groups are less than human, art and media can also be used as powerful mechanisms to challenge these problematic articulations and create new, self-determined narratives.

The creative body of work that I produce consistently centers on the lived experiences of people. Broadly conceived, my work is an exploration of the humanity in Black life—unveiling its beauty in the mundane. It is overwhelmingly preoccupied with various manifestations of Black love and care for self and community and often manifests in representations of black women, children, and families in the form of portraiture or documentary photography. My ultimate goal is to create timeless images that tell impactful stories, touch people’s hearts, and serve as a snapshot of the human experience and the beauty of the human soul/essence.