Ishe Consulting Services


Ishe Consulting Services came to fruition in 2016 as means to meld the creative passion for writing, the desire to do impactful work, and the academic skillsets of its founder Haile Eshe Cole. After spending years receiving academic training, working for both state and local government, and tirelessly doing community work, Ishe Consulting Services arose as a means to utilize these diverse experiences on a broader scale.

Some of the services and expertise provided include:

  • Customized research and report writing
  • Qualitative research and data collection
  • Curriculum development writing and consultation
  • Grant writing and/or consultation
  • Program development consultation
  • Community engagement strategies
  • Focus group development and facilitation
  • Group facilitation services
  • Resume editing and writing
  • General editing and writing services

Ishe Consulting Services promises to deliver a creative and quality product by working collaboratively and collectively with your organization to reach its desired vision. For additional details on these services, please see detailed tabs and menu items.

Previous clients have included: