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Giving birth can be a life or death event, even in the contemporary USA. The risks are even higher for Black mothers, and UConn researcher Haile Eshe Cole wants to understand why that it is, and how to change it. Cole recently joined UConn’s Department of Anthropology with a joint appointment with the Africana Studies […]

“(Re)Discovering My Heart or Brief Poetic Musings on Harlem”       By Haile Eshe Cole What happens to a dream deferred?       Does it dry up       like a raisin in the sun?       Or fester like a sore—       And then run?       Does it stink like rotten meat?       Or crust and sugar over—       […]

This special issue on “Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Post-Partum” published in the Journal of the Motherhood Initiative features 13 articles, eleven book reviews and a poetry folio featuring the work of Adrianne Kalfopoulou. Articles include: * Post-Partum Support For New Mothers * Birth Stories on Mommyblogs * Trauma and Mothering * Placental Thinking * Childbirth: From […]

On March 8, 2018, in honor of International Women’s Day, Thursday, the National Perinatal Taskforce (NPTF), in collaboration with Commonsense Childbirth and Mama Sana Vibrant Woman (MSVW), released a new report entitled “The National Perinatal Taskforce: Building a Movement to Birth a More Just and Loving World.”  The report is available on the NPTF website. The United States is […]

Originally posted January 10, 2013 6:30 am My alarm clock goes off as usual. It’s morning. I glance at the window only to notice the lack of sunlight shining behind my wine colored curtains. I begin to go through in my head the normal morning routine that is about to ensue. I have attempted repeatedly […]

“The National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) unveiled a new report today detailing the struggle faced by many black women business owners and offering a roadmap of solutions to help the next generation of black women entrepreneurs. Black Women Entrepreneurs:  Past and Present Conditions of Black Women’s Business Ownership, prepared for NWBC and the Small Business […]