New Article in the Journal of the Motherhood Initiative (JMI) Pregnancy, Chilbirth, and Post-Partum Volume.

This special issue on “Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Post-Partum” published in the Journal of the Motherhood Initiative features 13 articles, eleven book reviews and a poetry folio featuring the work of Adrianne Kalfopoulou. Articles include:

* Post-Partum Support For New Mothers

* Birth Stories on Mommyblogs

* Trauma and Mothering

* Placental Thinking

* Childbirth: From Curse to Creation

and many more…

The volume includes a piece by Dr. Haile Cole entitled “Reproduction on Display: Black Maternal Mortality and the Newest Case for National Action.” This essay critically examines the growing international attention given to Black maternal and infant health outcomes in the U.S., and couches it within Black feminist theories of womanhood and motherhood. Existing Black Feminist literature has acknowledged the ways in which Black women from the era of slavery have served as the embodiment of inhumanity and the calculating baton in which to measure against the personification of white virtue, womanhood, and motherhood. Moreover, these works have also significantly contributed to contextualizing and historicizing this problematic conception of the pathological Black mother. This piece highlights the ways in which current media depictions of maternal health disparities help to recreate problematic narratives of Black motherhood…

Read the full article and check out JMI  here.

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