Dr. Cole Speaks at East 12th Street Return and Discover Event.

The East 12th Street, Return and Discover street festival was held Saturday September 10, 2016 and organized with support from the Austin Revitalization Authority, Six Square, Huston-Tillotson University, City of Austin’s Economic Development Department Soul-y Austin Program, Spirit of East Austin, Eureka Holdings, as well as a number of local businesses and community stakeholders. The event consisted of food, live music and performances, and family friendly and children’s activities.  In addition, tours of the W.H Passon House and historical talks were part of the event. These talks included Dr. Fred McGhee, an archeologist who discussed the history and development of East Austin, Dr. Haile Eshe Cole who discussed the meaning of “home” and “homecoming” as well the Six Square’s upcoming event focused on African-American cemeteries and sacred burial grounds, and Harrison Eppright who reflected of memories of East 12th street in its heyday. In the end, the event culminated with a Hustin-Tilotson baseball game at the historic Downs Field. This event is one of the many attempts to re-animate and draw attention to the important histories and legacies of East Austin.


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